Safety protocols and procedures

In this page you can find all the safety procedures implemented at Medical Center Padova. Our commitment to ensure the highest levels of safety for hygiene, instruments, and customers’ privacy is equalled only by our commitment to ensure excellent medical and dental practice.

Sterilization of surgical instruments

Our procedures apply the highest hospital standards. We mainly use disposable instruments and tools. When it is not possible, all instruments undergo the following procedure:

1. Washing in thermo-disinfector at 95°C with final rinse and disinfection;

2. Packed in sealed bag (labelled with expiration date);

3. Sterilization cyle at 133°C (30 minutes), in a steam autoclave with fractional vacuum. De-pressurization making sure that steam reaches each part of hollow instruments;

4. The internal ducts of handpieces are pressure-washed and lubricated, sterilized in a special autoclave, packed in sealed bags and put to a new cycle of sterilization.

Our practice is equipped with: 2 thermal disinfectors, 2 autoclaves for handpieces and 3 fractional steam autoclaves to ensure continuity in safety procedures.

Protection and sterilization of the operating suite

Disposable sheet for each session and customer. Disposable waterproof foils to cover all areas subjected to contamination.

Air conditioning, purification and sterilization of indoor spaces

All practice’s indoor spaces have air conditioning. To ensure the highest levels of safety, the HVAC system is equipped with filters suppressing dust and bacterial load by 90%. Besides, special UV lights disinfect the air. Inside the Operating Suite, air is kept between 19 – 24°C, with a relative humidity of 45%, in accordance with the strictest standards. Filtration systems purify the air, ensuring the suppression of dust and bacterial loads of 99,75%, with a ventilation rate of 2,500 m³/h.

Sanitation of rooms

At the end of each working day, the cleaning and sanitation team ensures cleaning and disinfection of floor and furnishings. Operational area walls are also cleaned and disinfected every month.

Maintenance and plants monitoring

The functioning of all equipment is constantly monitored and verified. The IT system constantly monitors the plant room, sending alerts message for any type and level of faults registered in the plant. Maintenance and repair operations are fast and accurate. Advanced control systems monitor and protect the operation block. All areas accessible to customers and the plant room are equipped with an advanced fire control system, monitored inside and outside the practice premises through our IT system.

Radiological safety

Radiological systems in dental care allow for diagnosis and treatment relating to anomalies and illnesses of the mouth and for the verification of the proper execution of the treatment. Our systems use digital scanning to minimize exposure to ionizing radiations for our customers. According to law provisions, all equipment and insulation of the rooms are subjected to auditing by the health physicist every two years. The audit is aimed at detecting any faults of equipment or other defect that may cause accidental exposure to radiations. Access to the X-ray room is forbidden to unauthorized persons.

Emergency management

As an out-of-hospital surgical facility, Medical Center Padova has signed an agreement with Padova’s Hospital to ensure a fast and reliable management of crisis situations.

Privacy management

All personal data collected and processed by the Practice are protected in accordance with the current laws and regulations. Periodical back-ups of data are duly executed and stored in a controlled and reserved-access area. IT network is protected and access prohibited to non-authorized users.

Consumptions and environment

Energy and water saving programs have been developed and implemented to protect the environment, which have attained a 30% reduction in energy and water consumption. Reusable materials and tools are preferred at any time and circumstance allowed. Reuse is subjected to sterilization procedure. Disposal of waste is managed according to the strictest laws and regulations in force. Urban solid waste is also disposed according to differentiated collection.


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