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Patient’s wellbeing is our primary goal. Our patients can rely on the consolidated experience and skills of our specialists. We are dedicated to providing a complete set of services to improve the health, wellbeing and the lives of our patients and their families. When a person suffers from a disease or a disorder that requires the intervention of different specialists, they are often left alone to face her path. Our multidisciplinary teams, composed by well-prepared and high-skilled physicians, work synergically to support our patients each step of the way, communicating with them timely and effectively.


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    In addition to dental medicine, Medical Center Padova offers a wide range of medical treatments and services. Our patients can rely on the competence, accuracy, timeliness of our personnel -physicians and administrative staff- and on the added-value of an infrastructure equipped with state-of-art technologies. Excellent professionals ensure a multidisciplinary approach to care and prevention. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee a complete and integrated service to our patients, based on respect, safety, sense of responsibility and transparency at every level.


    When our patients smile again means they are serene and self-confident, and this makes us more serene and self-confident too. For this reason, our mission is to support our patients in restoring a good oral health and preserve their smile over time. Padova Medical Center was founded as a dental practice over 30 years ago. Safety has always been and always will be our top priority. Here, you can find the best oral care for your and your loved ones, including your children.


    To make the grayest of days enjoyable, we require a good night sleep. Sleep serenely without interruption is essential for health and wellbeing, both as a child and as an adult. For this reason we have created a team of sleep specialists, with a specific preparation in sleep disorders, who can support you to regain an excellent quality of sleep at night and your psycho-physical balance during the day.


    The World Health Organization defines ‘good health’ as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. At our Center, you can find different specialists, from nutritionist to pulmonologist, from cardiologist to ENT specialist and psychologist. They will take care of your health, in a targeted manner, and restore your wellbeing.


    Feel good and confident about ourselves is key to personal affirmation: restore harmony with our body is essential to regain faith in and find the energy necessary to achieve our small and big goals every day. The aesthetic medicine specialists, at our center, are going to support you with treatments and protocols that will definitely improve the quality of your life.


    Cleaning and disinfecting of the rooms

    At the end of each working day, the cleaning and sanitization team ensures cleaning and disinfection of the floor and furnishings. Every month, the walls of the operating room are also cleaned and disinfected.


    Operating room internal to the clinic

    We are equipped to perform surgeries which require deep sedation and general anesthesia in one day regime. In case of power blackout, the UPS can ensure the functioning of the operating suite for 8 consecutive hours.

    Medical Center Padova - The physicians

    A team of doctors who together make multidisciplinarity their strong point. Highly specialized professionals with a synergistic approach to the problems and requests of their patients.


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