Here you find all the safety procedures adopted by Medical Center Padova. The commitment we put into ensuring complete safety, be it regarding sanitation procedures, equipment maintenance or privacy policy, is the same we put into medical and dental practice.

Surgical Instruments Sterilization

Our sterilization procedures comply with the highest hospital standards. We mainly use disposable instruments. When this is not possible, all instruments undergo the following sterilization procedures:

  • 1. 95°C washing cycle in thermal disinfector with final disinfection cycle;

  • 2. instruments are packaged in sealed packaging (with labelling and expiry date);

  • 3. sterilization cycle (30 minutes) at a temperature of 133°C, in a steam-saturated environment in a fractionated vacuum autoclave. Thanks to low pressure the steam can get inside hollow instruments;

  • 4. handpieces (drills) undergo pressure washing and lubrication of internal tubing and sterilization in special autoclave; then they are packaged in sealed packaging and a sterilization cycle is started.

To ensure that safety procedures are constantly carried out, our clinic has 2 thermal disinfectors, 2 autoclaves for handpieces and 3 fractionated vacuum autoclaves.

Operatories Protection and Sterilization

Patient chairs have disposable covers. Areas of potential contamination are covered with disposable, waterproof film.

Air-Conditioning, Indoor Air Purification and Sterilization

For the comfort of our patients, the clinic has air conditioning. To ensure safety the air-conditioning system has filters that stop 90% of dust and bacteria. Special ultraviolet lights disinfect the air. In the surgery unit, complying with the most severe standards, temperature is kept between 19°C and 24°C with a relative humidity of 45%. Air is purified through filtration systems which stop 99,75% of bacteria and dust, with 2,500 m³ of air filtered every hour.

Sanitation of Premises

At the end of each working day, the cleaning and sanitation staff washes and disinfects floors and furnishings. Operatories walls are washed once a month.

Equipment Maintenance and Monitoring

The correct functioning of the equipment is regularly checked.
A computer system monitors the equipment and sends alerts in case of malfunctioning, allowing for quick intervention. Even more sophisticated systems monitor and protect the surgery unit. All areas open to the public and especially the dental equipment room have a state-of-the-art fire-fighting system, controlled form inside and outside the clinic by sophisticated computer systems.

SX-ray sSafety

In dentistry X-rays are used to diagnose oral diseases and to verify the correct progress of treatments. Our systems exploit digital images to minimize exposure to ionizing radiations.

As required by law, every two years all the equipment and the shielding of the X- ray processing room are inspected to detect malfunctioning or defects that may lead to accidental exposure to radiations. Save for exceptional circumstances, staying in the X-ray processing room is strictly forbidden.

Emergencies Management

As a non-hospital surgical facility, Medical Center Padova has an agreement with the Hospital of Padova in order to deal with emergencies quickly, safely and efficiently.

Privacy Policy

All sensitive data are processed according to the law in force. For safety reasons, data backups are regularly made and data are safely stored. The computer network is protected and access is restricted to authorized people.


In order to protect the environment, water and energy saving systems were created and implemented, and the use of these resources was reduced by 30%. When possible the clinic uses materials and instruments that can be recycled after proper sterilization.

We sort waste and dispose of special waste according to regulation.