Medical Center Padova is nowadays a leading dental clinic for the health and care of your teeth, mouth and smile. The clinic continues the work of prof. Paolo Gotte who, with some colleagues, started it in 1982, making the clinic soon became a center of excellence and innovation in the field of dentistry.

Our patients are guaranteed

Personalized Care and Prompt Diagnosis

Through our working method, we detect early signs of tooth decay and other dental problems, allowing for a less invasive and swifter treatment.

For our patients, this means getting the best care, reducing treatment costs, time and pain.

High Specialization and Competence

In medicine, specialization and constant study lead to the mastering of the most advanced techniques. The constant study of research literature leads to a better use of these techniques. So we can deal with each case, even the simplest ones, with utmost medical competence, advising patients on the most suitable treatments to undergo

A State-of-the-Art Dental Clinic

At Medical Center Padova patients will find:

  • 10 operatories (dental chairs)

  • 1 X-ray processing room with cone beam CT scanner

  • 1 operating room equipped for general anesthesia

  • 1 sterilization area

  • 1 reception area

  • 1 meeting room and business area

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology.

Dentistry Events and Continuing Medical Education

Medical Center Padova collaborates with well-known professionals from all over the world.
In our clinic, we organize events and Continuing Medical Education courses and round tables. For our patients, we promote health protection and wellness, innovation and correct information.