We choose the best professionals for each specialty, from check-up visits and oral hygiene to complex surgery. It’s not just a tagline: the excellence of Medical Center Padova really comes from the excellence of our team, from our passion for and commitment to medical practice.


Alvise Cappello

Manager of the clinic, is specialized in orthodontics, oral surgery and implant surgery.


Antonio Olivo

Scientific research manager, is specialized in maxillofacial surgery, implant surgery, and implant rehabilitation.


Catia Viola

Manages the department of conservative care and endodontics.


Alberto Ceccarello


Fabio Toffoletto

Our anesthesiologist, is also the director of the Anesthesiology Unit, Hospital of San Donà di Piave and Jesolo, Venice.

Nicola Pellizzato


Graduate Dental Hygienists

Manuel Aldrigo, Nada Borgato, Candida Borin, Elisa Rampin, Alessandro Salmaso.


Marina Bada (scrub nurse), Gaetano Vitolo (circulating nurse)

Dental assistants

Silvia Benetton, Mara Buso, Elena Gondolini, Evy Rampazzo ed Elga Zara.

Administrative personnel

Giorgia De Petri (front office), Elisabetta Bettenzoli (business accountant).